Rediscover Yourself

Get Unstuck

Find a New Normal

Clarity On The Love You Want, Freedom From Old Patterns, &

 the Tools to Get There

Dream Lover

Small,  manageable steps,

8 Weeks,

You: transformed



Expert Coach

Dr Ananya Harvey is an Embodied Leadership & Love Coach. She has guided people from all walks of life to come alive, love passionately and be their best self.

Our Course Benefits


Online Community

The course includes exclusive access to our online community. Our private community is filled with helpful people at various stages of the course, so you will never feel like you are on your own.


Flexible Curriculum

The 8 week course is designed to give you the flexibility to learn and set your own pace all from the comfort of your home.


“Thank you. For holding space, for helping me deal with this, for existing to make structured help like guided masturbations and coaching to really help along my journey. And of course for giving me copious amounts of pleasure. You might be life changing ”

S.J., Sri Lanka