Ananya Harvey, PhD.

Coach / Tantric Yogini / Scientist

There was only one model for how to live life in the small town in Texas where I was raised, and leaving a respectable scientific career to go study an esoteric system of yoga and explore paradigm-shifting ideas about sexuality was not part of it.

Spiritual practice never seemed like the thing for me: I wasn't about to throw rational thinking out the window for New-Age wishful thinking, and as a champion list-maker, I like to accomplish things and did not see the appeal of sitting in meditation.


Yet after years in the lab, I was miserable. I didn't know how to feel, I tried to please everyone but myself, and I had never accepted myself as a woman. I had no idea who I was.


So I left to go say yes to what scared me. 

When I found Tantric Yoga, it wasn't at all like my popular culture idea of spirituality. I feel in love with rigorous practices that welcomed the whole of my being and discovered sophisticated teachings that were serious food for my ever-questioning mind. 

I had become a scientist because I wanted to investigate the big questions in life. Yoga gave me a framework to do this in an ultimately much more fulfilling and fascinating way.

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