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“Ananya helped me realize truths that seem natural to me now, but were obscured from my minds eye before. I was surprised by some of the techniques that allowed a very direct experience of realizations about me, the world, and my relationships. I felt cared for and in the center of Ananya's attention.  I'm sure any person can learn a lot from her, if they are willing to bring their full self and have an open mind. Highly recommend."

-Frank, San francisco

About My Course

The Dream Lover Course shows you how to consciously create the sex, love, and relationships of your dreams, through waking up out of  unconscious beliefs and habits that don't serve you anymore. Over 8 weeks, you will learn specific skills for deep connection with yourself and others that also make life pleasurable and fascinating.  

What You Get

The Program

Week 1: Essential foundations

Week 2: Clarity
Week 3: Shadow
Week 4: Pleasure
Week 5: Breath
Week 6: Emotions
Week 7: Communication
Week 8: Sex

The Challenge

The 8-Week Love Challenge starts your 2020 with insight, pleasure, and love.

I created this course because despite a successful academic career, I struggled internally for years with ‘shoulds,’ self-criticism, worry, and overwhelming emotions. I traveled the world looking for a new way to live. What I found changed my baseline, moment-to-moment way of moving through the world. 


In this course, you will have a friendly, supportive container, expert guidance, and accountability so you can actually shift your relationship to yourself in meaningful ways, instead of making and slipping on yet another New Year’s resolution.


You will consciously create who you want to be and how you want to show up through waking up out of unconscious beliefs and habits that don't serve you anymore. You will learn specific skills and mindset for deep connection with yourself and others.

Life as pleasurable and fascinating = Your new baseline.

What You Get

  • 3, 20-min Video Lessons Each Week

  • 1 Live Q&A Each Week

  • Secret Facebook Group for Members Only

  • Action Steps & Accountability

  • 60-min Coaching Session Upon Course Completion

  • Early Bird Sign-up BONUS before Feb 10th

"Ananya is an amazing coach, not only does she have wisdom & knowledge but she also has the ability to make people feel comfortable to be themselves with all their colours and moods. She is a true tantrika and has done the inner and outer work to give a real transmission. Grateful for this top class experience. Thank you!"

-Naomi, Vancouver

Course starts Feb 24th.

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